""Sponsor a Golf Club

When your company sponsors a Golf club's participation in Dropgolf's List of Clubs, it shows your interest in innovations.

Just One Dropgolf sponsor per Club

Sponsors are shown in Dropgolf's list of Clubs and on this page. Only ONE sponsor per Club.


Thinking outside which box?

Innovations are a form of dialogue

Sponsoring a Club's participation in Dropgolf's list of Clubs is a complement or an alternative to other forms of sponsoring. It has a positive signal value to act innovatively in many fields.

The annual cost for a Golf Club is 500 USD when paid by a Golf club or 900 USD when paid by a sponsor.

Dropgolf reinvents Business golf Read more

Promoting short game golf

In Dropgolf's List of Golf Clubs, green fee guests get a discount or other form of bonus when they play Dropgolf. Some Pros offer a discount on lessons in short game golf if you are a member of Dropgolf - which is free.

A sponsor also receives ...

100 Dropgolf scorecards and some free Dropgolf rounds. 300 scorecards will be sent to the Club.

Sponsor a Golf club

Inspired by René Magritte. RM at Artsy

Inspiration & innovation

See and listen to more than 1.500 fascinating lectures on almost any topic. Go to TED. Another great source of knowledge and inspiration is Technology review from MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Innovation lectures

Johan Schlasberg, founder of Dropgolf and strategy consultant who also has seminars on innovations and innovation strategies. Read more

""Sponsoring companies

Some companies are more innovative than others, and they are quite often also interested in innovations in many fields.

We are looking forward to the first sponsor. Early adopters change the world.

logoCompany A

A is an IT-company that develops the latest apps for B2B customers. Volvo Trucks and SKF are among our customers. To develop and test solutions at the edge of the possible is our signature.

logoCompany B

B company delivers ventilation solutions for offices and factories. Our development department loves challenges. Each year we take a closer look at two companies in the world that are well known for their innovative attitude, and try to figure out things we might learn from them.

logoCompany C

C is a top management recruiting firm. One of our specialties is evaluating a candidate's ability to achieve great results when innovations are a strategic goal in a client company.

Innovative sponsors

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Please contact us if you might consider sponsoring a Golf Club with their participation in Dropgolf's list of Clubs or if you are Golf Club and would like to join our network through a sponsor.