""Slow play in golf

Golf has two time issues. The first is that golf, in general, takes quite some time, and the second concerns how to address the problem of slow play on the course. These issues, although related, have to be dealt with in different ways.

Dropgolf's contribution to a faster pace of play

I suggest that all Golf clubs have a web page about golf etiquette and their policies for pace of play, which time-projects they are pursuing and their experiences.

Improvements must be driven by each Club

flowSlow play is costly for the Clubs

If a Club starts to estimate the cost of slow play in the form loss of revenues and badwill they get a real motive to engage themselves in the problem. Try to quantify your estimates. No decimals.

Change requires analysis, will and many local negotiations

You need some hard (data based) knowledge about which factors that affect the round times at your Club and who can influence these factors.
The Club for can, for example, decide

  • The design of the course
  • Maintenance, height of the roughs and the speed of the greens
  • Start times and intervals
  • Marshalling and actions when pace of play is too slow
  • Surveillance; from rangers to electronic systems
  • How much they care about this problem.

Individual persons and groups are e g responsible for

  • Their level of skill
  • Upholding the five-minute rule when looking for lost balls
  • Minimizing the number of practice swings and keeping up the pace on the greens
  • Letting faster parties play through when there is an empty hole ahead.

It is hard to influence the behavior of individuals and even harder to influence the behaviour of groups. It takes a good dialogue with the members and guests of a Club and some skill in conflict handling.

slow play in golf

We don't want to spend Time sitting here

Golf culture

Dropgolf has a project in Sweden with the goal of creating a website - e g golfkultur.se - with links to all Golf clubs that have a web page dedicated to golf etiquette and golf culture.
Read more about golf culture

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