""The short game is the-new-black

Hitting a long shot is often great fun, but the easiest way to a lower score is by improving your short game.

Practice 70% short game Sean Foley, a Tiger Woods teacher

equipmentHow many short game clubs do you have?

If the answer is a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter, it's on the low side. We have two suggestions: 1) Start thinking more about grades and 2) have at least three wedges in your bag.

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    In recent years there has been a creeping change in the loft of iron clubs towards a lower loft / angle. The old concepts of wedge, pitching wedge and sand wedge are therefore less good as a reference. Check your iron's grades.
By having a shorter and more even gap of grades on your short game clubs your precision will increase. E.g. a 7-iron could be a good complement when suitable.

The legendary Pro Jim Flick supposedly said that the average golfer doesn't land more than 25-30% of the approach shots to green from 35-70 meters.

woman pitchingAbout catching that short game feeling

In this article, Yani Tseng explains how she works with how to get the right feeling in her short game.

driving rangeThere is always a driving range

Most of the one's we have visited or heard about look something like this one. Wide, flat, a few flags and it is ball-gathering-friendly as the image shows. You don't go here to practice your short game.

We guess pros have always told their students to practice more short game golf, but in reality it isn't done that much. Room for a lengthy discussion on why. One idea would be to offer much better short game practicing facilities.

Videos on better short game golf

David Pelz - a short game master

About putting and what he taught Phil Michelsen the first time they met

Pitching with backspin (7 min)

A tip: When you practice, note where the ball lands and how far it rolls. Practice together with someone who can mark the landing spots.

The first in a series of 15 with Luke Donald. Several are excellent for Dropgolf.

A classic and influential pro

Leadbetter on short game golf (1 hour 39 minutes)

Short wedges with Butch Harmon

short game golf and gplf pros

Forget the water and land it on the green

Training tips

We welcome tips for short game videos and links.

Short game links

Many good links at About.com

Videos at American PGA

The golf business and the short game

The golf industry makes a lot more money by developing and selling clubs for the long game than the short game. Or as one American manufacturer of wedges put it - the golf industry is distance crazy.

If we in the future will see better short game golf, we think that the Golf clubs will have to develop their strategies, short game practice areas, competitions and more. In the more differentiated golf future, some Clubs will get really good at this.

David Pelz practices at home

golf garden

One of the world's most well-known Pros relaxes with some golf in his home yard.