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Printed Dropgolf Scorecards

A unique and pattern protected Dropgolf Scorecard. Choose between D2 (Swedish text), D3 (English text) or D1 (no text).

Our models D2 and D3 have a backside text in Swedish/English that explains how you play Dropgolf and how the scorecard works.

Dropgolf aiming sticks

Dropgolf aiming sticks

We have designed a special Dropgolf aiming stick that can be used at competitions and when you practice. They are 87 cm (2ft 10) long - in order to be visible just above the edge of most golf bags - and 8 mm (just over 3 inches) in diameter, green fiberglass, a half blunt tip and yellow tape with the text Dropgolf®. The sticks are green in order not to disturb the eye's peripheral vision when you hit the ball. They have a black hat to facilitate pressing them into the ground. An identical stick of 22 cm (just over 8 inches) is sent for free to Golf clubs.

For Golf Clubs and companies, we offer a package of 20 Dropgolf aiming sticks - on how to use our aiming sticks.

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    In Sweden: Barsebäcks GC, Bokskogens GK, Landskrona GK and Svalövs GK.


For special requirements, please contact us.

Scorecard Number Unit price Row-total
D1 no text 0.2
D2 Swedish text 0.3
D3 English text 0.3
Aiming sticks   8
Total 0
Delivery information


Scorecards. 10 scorecards and/or an aiming stick in a demo format of 22 cm will be sent for free to Golf clubs.

Send a request for a mini-package of 4 aiming sticks and 20 scorecards including postage and handling.


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Dropgolf competitions

Dropgolf is a excellent for Business golf and other forms of competitions.