""Dropgolf's Universal Scorecard

The Dropgolf Scorecard is designed for use at every golf course in the world. It is hole, distance and gender neutral and that makes it universal.

Dropgolf scorecard

Dropgolf's scorecard for two players

You have 18 chances to make a hole-in-one

The Scorecard is for two players, A and B. The Greek letter Σ, sigma, stands for Sum. The optimal number of strokes to green is 18 when every approach shot stops on the green. That leaves 32 putts to play on Par, which always is 50 in Dropgolf.

The yellow column is your GIR (greens in regulation) result.

  • Yellow column; note strokes TO the green
  • Green column; note strokes ON the green
  • Summarize rows and columns
  • Deduct optimum yellow strokes; 18
  • Deduct optimum green strokes; 32
  • Deduct half your Hcp. Calculate net results

About Dropgolf's printed and digital scorecards

Clubs at Dropgolf's List of Clubs get 300 Scorecards per year to give to interested persons. Individual Members can save their scores in one of our e-Services

Use of Dropgolf's scorecard

A pro and former head of PGA in Sweden, Hasse Bergdahl, in June 2013 became the first pro to use Dropgolf's scorecard in training sessions with his golf students. Dropgolf's scorecard is now officially an item in the Swedish golf museum.

Dropgolf Scorecard

Scorecards, unique in different ways

Dropgolf scorecard

The folded Scorecard
See backside text

Dropgolf scorecard

You can compete in Dropgolf and have a Dropgolf Hcp.

Dropgolf's printed scorecard

Now there are three printed Dropgolf scorecards. Model D2 has a Swedish text on the backside that explains how to use the Scorecard and how to play Dropgolf. Model D1 has no text. Model D3 has an English text.

You can order them via our eShop.