""Meetings, food and golf

Golf is for most people a pleasant way of socializing in nice surroundings. Even in today's hectic business life there is sometimes room for Golf, but often yesterday's long business lunches and dinners have been substituted for shorter meetings. A quick round of nine holes of Dropgolf and lunch may appeal to many.

golf lunch

Dropgolf och lunch

At a Dropgolf-lunch players in a relatively short time can play some golf holes and find time for lunch.

Increasingly many appreciate new forms of Golf that take less time.

A Dropgolf-lunch offers a fixed price, decide by each Club, for green fee guests and includes nine holes of Dropgolf.

golf restaurant Golf restaurants as a competitive advantage

As competition intensifies, some Clubs will put more effort into their restaurant. At many Clubs, the restaurant is managed by an independent entrepreneur, and in those cases co-operation with the Club is all the more important.

Some Clubs are so situated that a trip to the Club and a few holes of Dropgolf can be squeezed into even a fairly busy day. It would be a great service if the Club hade some Dropgolf-sets available at the Club.

lunch at the golf Club

Worth a detour