""Some ideas on how to introduce Dropgolf

Inform about Dropgolf at relevant pages on your website, and add links to Dropgolf.com.

listIntroduce Dropgolf at your home course

Present Dropgolf as great for short game practice, entertaining, time-saving and creative.

  • Write about Dropgolf (green fees and other questions) on your club's guest page, and on our Network page
  • Display Dropgolf scorecards and information about Dropgolf in the clubhouse.
  • Dropgolf is excellent for Business golf. Inform sponsors.
  • Start with tee times that are less booked. Few courses have more than 25% bookings.
  • Use Dropgolf in education and for beginners
  • Combine Dropgolf green fee discounts with other offers e.g. lunch
  • Start with Dropgolf at one of the courses at your Club

Test and try out some ideas. Please get in touch and let us know about your experiences. Read more on FAQ and Yes, but

TimeSome practical issues for Network clubs

Scorecards must be available as well as a reference to our website. Let us know if you and your guests could benefit from other support material or information.

introduce short game golf and Dropgolf

At first they were only two

Yes, but - and FAQ

Most common question: how can you play Dropgolf and classic golf at the same time on the course?
Read more about how crowded courses really are

Short hole courses & Dropgolf

You can play Dropgolf at ALL courses, but a club may very well introduce Dropgolf at its short hole course.

A Golf Club can easily change their playing terms and offer in our list of Clubs.