""Play Dropgolf - how, when and why

  • Walk gently past the first tee and all other tees
  • Start playing between 100 and 10 meters from the green.
  • Drop your golf ball wherever you like, your playing partners drop theirs at the same spot. Finish the whole as you normally would.
  • You can use a special Dropgolf Scorecard.

Dropgolf® has been developed to increase the interest in more and better golf at ALL courses by focusing on the short game.

Drop zone Drop your golf ball alternately at different distances and places; on the fairway, in the rough, maybe even behind the green. Be a bit creative when that is suitable. Don't drop your golf ball closer than 10 meters/yards from the edge of the green unless you drop it in a bunker. It is OK to place the ball in a bunker when you play more than one person.

The 100 meters/yards distance is often marked by a red marker.
Why 100 meters - Read more at Yes, but item 4

Your co-players drop their golf balls at the same spot and then you all continue and finish the hole as you normally would have done. You take turns at starting independent of results at the previous hole.

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equipment for Dropgolf


  • Don't use more than six clubs
Dropgolf scorecard

The universal Dropgolf Scorecard

Use it at any course in the world. It can be downloaded for free or bought in a printed version or used as an e-service.
Take a look at the Dropgolf scorecard

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when and whyLifestyle and attitude

Enjoy your walk in lovely surroundings, chat with friends, exercise your short game and have fun. Dropgolf is a very convenient way of enjoying golf. It is golf with another attitude®. Did we mention - you save time :-)

Dropgolf is

Improve your short game with Dropgolf

You know it. The way to a lower score is a better short game.
Dropgolf is a complement to other forms of golf.

TimeTime is a scarce asset

It is megatrends that we want things to go faster and be easier to use and that many people feel pressed for time.

Many initiatives have been taken by golf organizations and Golf Clubs to make a golf round take less time. The golf industry is searching hard for innovations. Dropgolf is one of many new concepts. Variation leads to success.

Dropgolf situationsDropgolf is great for many occasions

It depends on your situation and intentions. And the time available, interest, recreation, training and more. If you play with your family or when you just want to try something different. Dropgolf could also be great when it's too cold/hot or early/late in the day or season

Spela Dropgolf

Maybe you have already played 18 holes of Tee golf and want to add a faster round. Maybe you are a novice or an occasional golfer /senior who appreciates a lovely golf walk in beautiful surroundings. Most courses have more playing times available than you first think.

Find your occasions to play Dropgolf

Dropgolf at business golf events

Decision makers find it increasingly not smart to spend a whole day on a golf course. Networking and relaxing a bit is fine, but it must take less time. Read more about Dropgolf and business events

How to play Dropgolf

Dropgolf is short game golf

Yes, but .. and FAQ

Question No 1: Can you play Dropgolf and ordinary golf at the same time on the course?
Answer: YES,  Learn about the booking statistics and how it will work ..

Problems in golf

The number of golfers and played rounds continue to decline in many countries - read about the time factor.

Dropgolf improves everyone's short game and offers golf clubs players and potiental players a new service.

Dropgolf scorecard

Problems in golf

The golf market in US and Europe has landed in a fairway bunker and millions are leaving golf each year.

Better service and marketing is a part of the solution, but golf is facing a structural problem.

Dropgolf for Golf clubs

Dropgolf is an opportunity to attract more players and business events.