""Dropgolf for golf professionals

Dropgolf® increases the variety of what you as pro can offer your customers. Dropgolf is regularly used by several pros and exhibited at The Nordic Golf Fair in 2014 to develop relations with more golf pros.

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    Dropgolf's customer is the Golf club who can join Dropgolf's List of Clubs. Dropgolf is a registered trademark in Europe and although you may use the Dropgolf concept for free, no rights are transfered and we would appreciate if you in some way made a reference to Dropgolf.com

HoganDropgolf and beginners

Above the basics of golf - here illustrated by one of the greatest, Ben Hogan, Dropgolf is a great concept for beginners of all ages. We and many others subscribe to the idea of learning golf by starting with the short game.

Dropgolf and high handicappers

High handicappers is one of the categories in which many golfers quit playing. They don't find it very rewarding to continue as their game and handicap almost never improves.

Dropgolf is a great way to learn that feeling of golf which you want to have in your hands. Dropgolf is also suitable for the occasional golfer.

Discount on short game lessons

Members of Dropgolf get a 50 SEK (~7 USD) discount when taking short game lessons - defined as 7-iron and upwards and putting - by the pros who have joined this program.
Is this also good for the pros?

When the high handicappers quit playing golf, an important customer segment for the pros and their Club disappear. The logic is that more short game lessons will increase the market. To offer a discount for a selected form of teaching is rational pricing. More short game lessons also provide other opportunities.

If you are a pro and is interested in joining this free short game program, get in touch. You can, of course, opt out any time you like.

dropgolf bag

The golf industry can learn a few things from the telecom business. Many have both a desktop PC, a laptop and mobile devices. Most golfers have ONE bag with some 14 clubs, often transported on a cart of a sort. A small Second set offers convenience and new opportunities for both players, pros and producers.

A Second set for Dropgolf and short game golf

We have a vision where some 10% of all golfers have a Second set with a beautiful and practical pencil bag. This bag has room for five to six clubs and one to three practical pockets. The new Second set market could be worth millions of bags and tens of millions of clubs.

Players can then select their golf-set depending on what type of golf they intend to play that day. The producers have an interest in promoting short game golf as have Golf clubs who want to keep their members and attract new ones.

Trying new things is the road to success

The challenge for the golf industry is to increase the interest in golf. The strategy for achieving this interest, is both to improve many things being done today and at the same time try out and develop new ideas.

Dropgolf for professionals

Time to ask your Pro for advice

Pros and short game discount

These pros give you a 50 SEK (7-10 USD in the US) discount when teaching short game golf. The Club doesn't have to be a member of Dropgolf's List of Clubs.