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About us

Our vision is to establish Dropgolf globally as a way of enjoying golf. Dropgolf is part of a healthy lifestyle - another attitude.


""Golf tourism and occasional golfers

An increasing number of golfers play fewer rounds per year and become Occasional golfers which in worst case makes them leave their Club and stop playing altogether. Dropgolf is an opportunity for Occasional golfers, tourists and business travelers to enjoy a beautiful golf course and play a faster round of golf.

Golf is in many countries an industry of large importance for the local and regional economy. There is still plenty of room for growth of golf tourism.

""Core golfers and occasional golfers

Core golfers travel to another country, bring their own clubs, play in bad weather and at several courses osn one trip. They collect golf experiences.

To develop golf tourism for core golfers is quite different than designing golf activities for the Occasional golfer

The Occasional golfer rarely takes a golf vacation, but might play a round of golf as one activity on a trip - if it is simple to arrange and doesn't rain when it is time to play.

The occasional golfer as tourist and visitor

The Occasional golfer on a tourist trip often travels with his family, visits cultural points of interest, does some shopping and finds a smorgasbord of experiences that pleases the family. Dropgolf with its short format offers an experience of nature and a complement to city life. We think there is a great opportunity for some form of co-operation between Dropgolf, the hotel business (others?) and golf courses.

By the Occasional golfer as business traveler we refer to a person who after having finished his/her business for day might be interested in playing a fast round of golf. The few clubs needed for a round of Dropgolf should be provided by the hotel. Simplicity and service are key factors. To rent/return the Dropgolf-set of clubs at a Club is too complicated and limits the playing hours.

""Golf - employment and financial importance

In many countries the economic impact of golf is regularly analyzed. We recently read such a study from 2013 about Golf in Scotland made by KPMG and others. The golf business in Scotland employs more than 20.000 people and yearly generates revenues of more than one billion GBP. The wages alone exceed 300 million GPB.