""Invitation to Golf Clubs

Dropgolf offers members and guests at your golf Club a new golf experience. Dropgolf is classic golf redesigned for a new time.

Value model for golf clubs

Dropgolf may, beside the value for members and pros, increase green fees and other revenues. Dropgolf offers your Club a well-designed concept at a low cost.

The annual cost for a Club to join Dropgolf's List is
400 USD or 500 USD when paid by a sponsor.

Our commitment

To develop and increase the awareness of Dropgolf in the world. We try to make our home pages easier to find and more valuable to revisit by also writing about short game golf in general, golf culture, the golf market and many other aspects of golf.
Read more about how we work.

listDropgolf's List of Clubs

The page Dropgolf's List of Clubs has links to the Club and a map link. For each Club, there is a page on Dropgolf green fees and other offers such as discounts for lessons in short game golf.

More on the value of Dropgolf for golf clubs

To simplify and support a Club's decision to introduce Dropgolf and join our List, we have pages on how to introduce Dropgolf and Dropgolf for club pros.

scorecardScorecards and aiming sticks

Each year Listed Clubs receive 300 Dropgolf scorecards.

We have also put together a package of 20, 87 cm long Dropgolf aiming sticks - see Dropgolf's e-Shop. They can be used at competitions to indicate a Drop spot and also as alignment sticks when you practice.

A Club's commitment

Clubs in Dropgolf's List offer guests, who want to play Dropgolf, a green fee discount or some other value which each Club decides. A Club can at any time log in and change its Dropgolf page.

To make Dropgolf's scorecard available for people interested in playing Dropgolf.

To publish at the Club's homepage that you are part of Dropgolf's List of Clubs, and add a link to Dropgolf's homepage.


Some ideas

golf lunch

Dropgolf and lunch

At a Dropgolf-lunch players in a short time can play six to nine holes of Dropgolf and have lunch.

People will increasingly appreciate forms of golf that take less time.

A Dropgolf lunch has a fixed price for green fee guests and includes nine holes of Dropgolf a standard lunch and coffee. Each Club designs their own offer, which also can be published in Dropgolf's list of Clubs.

business golf

Business golf and Dropgolf

Ordinary Business golf is less popular as it takes too long time. A half-day golf event would suit many.

At a Dropgolf Business event players have full control of the pace of play and form of play. Read more about Business golf.

golf club

Stories are created here

Register a Golf Club
Join Dropgolf's List of Clubs. Clubs that offer an interesting variation of experiences and great service strengthen their future.

Golf in transition

Golf like so many other things is facing new behaviors and interests. The time problem is a central issue.

Dropgolf is ONE way of adding new opportunities. Read what some experts say about golf market and the future

Clubs in our List can access a chapter about other clubs Dropgolf experiences.

Questions from Clubs

Some questions from Golf Clubs

""Dropgolf and the Club's decision makers

Clubs are organized differently, but hopefully we can add some input to your dialogs about Dropgolf.

Is Dropgolf a question for the Board?

Probably not if a Pro wishes to use Dropgolf as a training tool or if the Competitions Committee plans to organize a Dropgolf-competition but more likely if a Club is about to join our Dropgolf's List of Clubs. At some Clubs, that decision was made by the Club mMnager. It is not an issue of money, more a question of introducing an innovation.

The committees for ladies and men

Dropgolf is the world's first gender-neutral way of playing golf and as everyone starts playing at the same spot between 100 and 10 meters from the green the results are very little a question of muscles. Many Clubs have weekly and separate competitions for men and women. Why not have a mixed Dropgolf competition.

The seniors committee

We believe that golf as a lifestyle is of central value for senior golfers. It is a nice walk and is very social.

The committee for junior players

Dropgolf is a great way to attract juniors to start playing golf as it fits a computer generation with a fast reward model in the precision of coming close to the pin. Great exercise also for elite players.

dropgolf aiming stickThe Committee for competitions

To compete in Dropgolf is not only possible, it offers a lot of variation. We have put together a package of Dropgolf aiming sticks to be used at Dropgolf competitions. Maybe a monthly Dropgolf competition at your Club would be appreciated.

The marketing committee

Dropgolf may contribute to your Club's revenues. Dropgolf is designed to generate more traffic at a course. The occasional golfers and high handicappers are categories where the risk is high that players stop playing. And test marketing Dropgolf for Business events.

We have started some work to find out how Dropgolf can add value to golf tourism.

The Course Committee

Long term we hope to influence the design of the 100 meters - 360 degrees - surrounding the greens. There are lots of possibilities to, at very little costs, to create variation and nice areas to drop your golf balls.


Planning and the unexpected

Strategy and change

Johan Schlasberg, the founder of Dropgolf, also runs a strategy and innovation consulting company.

As can be seen at Grow the Game of Golf there are many initiatives all over the world to inspire more people to play golf.