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It is smart to know where you put your shots in a round, and it is even better to get some hard facts to guide your improvement efforts if improving your golf is one of your goals. In this article about GIR the renowned pro Jim Flick says ...

"Are you giving up ball control for the sake of
more distance? If so, that's a big mistake".

GIR means that you should land your golf ball at each hole's par minus two strokes. Many courses are too long for the average golfer to have decent chance of hitting the green with the right the number of strokes. This has also contributed to the gradual abandonment of color markers at the tees in favor of markers for different course lengths.

Dropgolf is even more suited than classic golf to really get the stats on you short game golf. Starting at 100 to 10 meters from the green both men and women have good chances of seeing their first stroke land and stay on the green. Use Dropgolf's scorecard and also the electronic version when you have joined Dropgolf. It's free.

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