""Dropgolf Competitions

Both Clubs and private groups can easily arrange Dropgolf competitions with many participants. Variation is entertaining.

Ladies and men in the same game

Many clubs have regular competitions for men and women. We suggest that you one week combine the two into ONE Dropgolf competition.
In short game golf, it isn't power that determines the outcome.

Club championship in Dropgolf

Which club will be the first?


Combine golf and Dropgolf

To play an 18 hole round with nine holes starting with classic golf and finish with nine holes of Dropgolf is a fun introduction to Dropgolf. Give it a try.

You can have 9+9 competitions or play a 9+9 round with some friends.

We got an e-mail from a chairman at a successful golf club. He liked Dropgolf but added that Conservatism is your greatest challenge.

""Dropgolf dropboxes

The organizers of a Dropgolf competition mark the Dropbox at each whole with a Dropgolf aiming stick, or other marker, where all participants start. Players then drop their ball within one meter to the left of the aiming stick.

The Dropbox can be on the fairway, in a bunker, in the (semi-)rough, behind some bushes or even behind a green. Read about Dropgolf's portable marker package

The Dropgolf Handicap index

It is based on half your standard hcp index, rounded upwards to the nearest higher integer. (e g 6.2 and 6,7 becomes 7)

In stroke play, it doesn't matter on which holes you have an extra stroke.

In match play, the handicap bonus is allotted to holes where the player with the lower hcp index decides where to drop the ball. These handicap strokes are distributed in order from the first hole or second if the lower handicapped player starts at that hole.

The maximum number of handicap strokes is nine.


As a member of Dropgolf, you can save your scores and see average results of your rounds.

Dropgolf competitions

Dropgolf increases your accuracy

Dropgolf is an excellent format for Business golf events.

Double Drop

Drop two balls each and choose which one to put with. Was the second attempt more successful?

Double Drop is a fun alternative and could also be used if the party ahead moves too slowly.

Golf clubs and short game

If a club wants its members to improve their short game golf, it is important to offer short game opportunities in many ways. The traditional driving range is designed for long shots.