""Compare golf and Dropgolf

In classic golf, you are supposed to avoid all hindrances and play the straightest (smartest) way from tee to green.

In Dropgolf, you also walk the whole course, but you start playing between 100 and 10 meters from the green. You play Dropgolf like classic golf but has a different logic. You may well choose hindrances and challenging lies as drop-and-start places. Read more on how to play Dropgolf.

Dropgolf is excellent for Business golf and there are several forms of competitions.

Compare Par 3 courses and Dropgolf

Compare golf and Dropgolf

Dropgolf is for all courses

How to play Dropgolf

Read about how to play Dropgolf
Dropgolf is richly varied.

par3par3_dropgolfVariation is a fun challenge

Par 3 courses are mini versions of classic golf and as the image on the left shows, you always start at the same place.

In Dropgolf you can start playing the same hole at many different spots - the image shows a few examples - and that could prove to be quite a challenge, and fun.

When you play Dropgolf at 18 hole courses you get time to chat, get some exercise and enjoy nature.
And many say - you don't risk losing your face at the first tee :-)

Classic Golf   -   18 holes Dropgolf   -   18 holes
Always start at a Tee Start 100 to 10 meters from the green
Different starting tees (white, red etc.) Everyone starts at the same spot.
Gender separated Gender neutral
Local Scorecards with indexing Universal Scorecard
Maximum of 14 clubs Maximum of 6 clubs
Established competitions rules Dropgolf Hcp index (only integers).
Par is usually 72 Par is always 50
The course has a slope factor Slope factor of no importance
Takes quite some time A faster and different form of golf
Power and long shots needed Focus on short game and touch
Takes time to learn and keep up Easier to learn and for occasional rounds
Relatively high cost of clubs and balls Lower entry costs, rarely loss of golf balls
Four chances to make a hole in one 18 chances to make an HIO, yet not easy
Keep your ball on the fairway You can e.g. start in the semi-rough
Classic golf is unidirectional Start beside or behind a green if you like

Dropgolf is super social and great for match play