""Golf Clubs and their short game strategy

We suggest that Golf Clubs for commercial reasons develop a short game strategy and that this is reflected in many areas. To increase or lower a price is often a question of adjustments, but when new solutions are required it takes more than using well-known levers.

A strategy for short game golf may add to a Club's attractiveness and profitability.

time for short game golfShort game golf fits our time

A major problem in the golf market is that playing golf takes too long time, that many - often high handicappers - quit playing and that too few new players enter the market. The bottom line of these developments and some other factors is that many Golf Clubs face an uncertain future.

A short game strategy includes many aspects: membership, driving range design, short game practice areas, education of beginners, investments, green fees, short game course architecture adjustments, course maintenance, seasonal effects, short game opportunities as market differentiator and more.

golf radarProject group for short game strategy

It is of some importance how a Club decides to work with its short game strategy. Most Clubs have several committees, and we would suggest that you don't ask one of these to address the issue, but rather form a project group and ask them to produce some ideas. To borrow a phrase from the IT-world, use an agile methodology and try several solutions and adjust quickly. It is a learning process with individual characteristics.

statistical profilesStatistics and analysis

Each Club has a unique demographic profile and a unique profile of who plays on a course and how much. Add to that different balance sheets, locations and market conditions. The totality of these and other factors add up to a pattern of complexity that necessitates well-grounded facts as a basis.

We believe that the management of tomorrow's golf Clubs will know much more about that business that what is common today. This development will be supported by new analytical tools, more and better input of data and an increased awareness of the benefits of more professionalism, like what has happened in the club and golf ball manufacturing industries.

We suggest that you decide which 10 graphs best monitor key developments at your Club and that you compare longitudinal data for these factors.

golf clubs and short game golf

They are competing side by side

Short game club championship

Which Club will be the first to arrange a Short game club championship?