""Innovative Business Golf

The Problem: Traditional all-day Business golf events are today often abandoned in favor of events that take less time and offer more business value. A solution: Dropgolf events offer a modern half-day format.

A half-day format for busy people

  • Have shorter Business golf events
  • Have more business relevant information in one session
  • Dropgolf is gender neutral and suits occasional golfers
  • At Business golf events, you have full control over the course

Golf and DropgolfCombine golf and Dropgolf

One great way of introducing a new concept or product is to retain some of the well-known factors and then add some new. If you still want to go for an 18 hole event, we suggest that you consider starting with nine holes of classic golf and then finish with nine holes of Dropgolf. At another event, you may go for a full 18 hole Dropgolf format if your guests have indicated an interest in this.

You can compete in Dropgolf and the practical side of it is quite easy for a golf club. We don't arrange business golf, but will gladly answer your general questions.

umbrellagolfBusiness golf in rain and bad weather

You don't know anything about the weather when you say Yes to a golf event, and some don't mind if is rains or is quite windy. But, more than a few might appreciate a shorter format such as Dropgolf if weather conditions go south.

Dropgolf is Classic golf, yet innovative. Compare
Business golf

You have to walk your talk

Network and sponsoring

A Golf club can join Dropgolf's Network and this can also be sponsored by a company.