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Our vision is to establish Dropgolf as a recognized way of playing golf at any course in the world. Dropgolf aims to be part of a healthy lifestile - another attitude®

Everyone can of course play Dropgolf for free at their home course without being a member of Dropgolf. If you want to play Dropgolf at other courses, clubs that are members of our Network offer a reduced greenfee or other bonus.


The concept of Dropgolf was invented by Johan Schlasberg, Sweden, a strategy consultant an innovator who started playing golf in his teens. Several years ago he stopped playing golf due to the time factor and went for biking and gardening. He has now extended his garden pitching to include rounds of Dropgolf. Dropgolf just had to be invented :-)

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We would very much appreciate your feedback on errors, new ideas for Dropgolf and of ways to reach a larger audience.

Dropgolf® and Another attitude™ are registered trademarks we own. Our Scorecard is also protected.

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